Stay on top of the stories and content your audience really cares about. Ensure every developing story turns into a sure-fire bet for your company’s success.

TopicPulse SportsEdge is real-time, AI-powered story discovery and social content to give you an edge over the competition. We have the winning playbook for eSports, betting, VR, and fantasy sports content. Are you ready to call the right play?

Don’t cover yesterday’s news. Cover what’s NEXT.

In content, timing is everything. You win with speed. TopicPulse SportsEdge gives your company all it needs to win time and time again.


This innovative software from Futuri uses AI to give you 24/7 access to insights on what your audience is talking about right now, what’s losing traction, and what engaging stories you can cover before your competition does.


Designed specifically for content creators who cover eSports, betting, fantasy sports, and VR content, sports and esports companies, TopicPulse SportsEdge ensures you stay up to date on everything trending. If there’s a Fortnite tournament that’s getting buzz, you know. If your betting lines need adjusted, you’ll be ahead of the pack.

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Whether you need article ideas, video script content, or social posts, there’s nothing more useful for creating compelling content that gets your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged.


TopicPulse SportsEdge even has a game-changing feature called IdeaStarters™ that provides copy points on the day’s top stories to help you boost your social video presence and take the guesswork out of writing viral posts.

Hashtags & Keywords

You need to keep your brand active, engaging, and relevant on socials. With hashtags and keywords formulated by TopicPulse SportsEdge, we’re plugging you into the perfect method for doing exactly that. We write the content, you go viral.


IdeaStarters™ gives you content that involves your audience and engages them with your brand. IdeaStarters™ are stories and social posts based on TopicPulse Insights that you can use as-is online, on-air, on social platforms, and any other way you connect with your audience. From the weekly position rankings for fantasy teams to the latest WoW tournament, IdeaStarters™ will jumpstart the content your company needs.

Winning never gets old

Our AI arms you with everything you need to beat your competition and keep up with all the headlines. While betting outcomes or fantasy scores might be hard to predict, SportsEdge is the safe bet you can always count on.

Discover how TopicPulse SportsEdge can power your success.

Contact us for a discussion and demo to learn how TopicPulse SportsEdge can drive measurable results for your business.

TopicPulse SportsEdge Instant Video

Video: You need it. We can make it faster.

SportsEdge Instant Video is like having the first pick in the fantasy draft — the perfect start to a winning season.

This includes easy-to-make branded videos using fully licensed footage customized with voiceovers or custom text. They’re perfect for sharing on your websites, apps, and social media feeds or any other connection point with your audience.

Ensure your posts have engaging video content hours BEFORE the story goes viral and peaks.

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Build Your Socials

Video is key to growing your social platforms. In fact, Facebook users engage with video 60% more than any other type of post.


Build Your Profits

More viewers = More pre-roll inventory = MORE REVENUE

Cumbersome software and workflow challenges can make it hard to create the video content you need, and sometimes the story has already peaked by the time you go live. With TopicPulse SportsEdge Instant Video, you constantly have white-labeled videos on the hot topics of the day, easy to post on digital and social platforms.

Video Production for Every Platform


Web & TV


Facebook, Instagram & Twitter


Snapchat, IGTV, Instagram Stories & TikTok

TopicPulse SportsEdge delivers content your way.

TopicPulse SportsEdge has four unique ways to keep you on top of the best story ideas for your audiences. Choose any or all:


Desktop App


Mobile App

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IdeaStarters™ emails

Slack integration



Comprehensive training at the time of setup, and for any new hires, any time.

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Our Partner Success team proactively monitors your performance and can advise on specific ways to grow.

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24/7 Support

Lightning-fast support any time from a team that’s compensated on resolving issues quickly and completely.

Investing time into your picks or fantasy research leads to wins. Investing in TopicPulse SportsEdge does, too… wins for your bottom line!

Contact us for a discussion and demo to learn how Futuri’s suite of solutions can drive measurable results for your business.

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