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Prep+ is the all-inclusive show prep system, constantly updated throughout the day: Curated news aggregator, collaboration tools, audio, and so much more. Log in now.

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Complete, never-stale show prep, customized for your needs.

These days, your audience is always connected. Chances are you are, too. So why rely on show prep that features yesterday’s news and gossip — which your listeners have already heard — plus some cheesy punchlines?

Up your game with Prep+ all-inclusive show prep. Content, written by format specialists with on-air experience, is updated live multiple times during each airshift — not once a day. Audio edited for on-air use and videos for your socials makes your content look and sound great. Build your show from within the Prep+ system using our powerful collaboration tools. And Prep+’s new dashboard lets you customize your Prep+ experience to have it your way.

Don’t sell yourself — and your listeners — short with stale content. Prep+ can take your on-air and digital content to the next level.

Connected to your world, your market, and your social circles

Sure, you have the responsibility to do a great show each day, but in 2020 you’re also expected to take it to where your listeners live… and that’s on their mobile device. Audience engagement, particularly on the digital front, is a crucial part of today’s successful radio experience.

With Prep+, everything you do on-air can be pushed to your site and socials. You can even absorb anything happening online into Prep+ with our Twitter, Facebook, and RSS tools.

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Prep+ News

Webinar: Programming During a Pandemic: How to Defend and Grow Your Audience

Webinar: Programming During a Pandemic: How to Defend and Grow Your Audience

The coronavirus pandemic has implications for ratings, digital…

New feature: On-Air Ready and Only With Audio filters.

While Prep+ content can be used on-air, on your website, and on your socials, we know how hectic a studio environment can be when you’re recording a show (even if you’re broadcasting from home!). That’s why we’ve added these two new filters to Prep+.

On-Air Ready means just that — ready to go, as-is, rip and read. Only With Audio is great when you’re specifically looking for sound. These features are all part of Prep+ new customized dashboard, which defaults to your format so you’re not wasting time reading through articles that aren’t relevant for you. Want to take a look at what’s hot in other formats? Feel free! Just change your filtering options. It’s all part of our ongoing quest to make producing your show as easy as possible.

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Melissa Forman at WLIT Chicago loves Prep+!

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