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Prep+ is the all-inclusive show prep system, constantly updated throughout the day: Curated news aggregator, collaboration tools, audio, and so much more. Log in now.

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Complete, never-stale show prep, your way.

Complete show prep is more than a simple aggregate of yesterday’s news and gossip with some cheesy punchlines waiting for you by 5 AM each day – which is how it has been done forever. In 2020, truly all-inclusive prep content is built from four main ingredients, and Prep+ is the only service granting you unlimited access to all of them.

Connected to your world, your market, and your social circles

Sure, you have the responsibility to do a great show each day, but in 2020 you’re also expected to take it to where your listeners live… and that’s on their mobile device. Audience engagement, particularly on the digital front, is a crucial part of today’s successful radio experience.

With Prep+, everything you do on-air can be pushed to your site and socials. You can even absorb anything happening online into Prep+ with our Twitter, Facebook, and RSS tools.

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Prep+ News

Webinar: Programming During a Pandemic: How to Defend and Grow Your Audience

Webinar: Programming During a Pandemic: How to Defend and Grow Your Audience

The coronavirus pandemic has implications for ratings, digital…
4 ways to maximize your talk breaks

Four Ways to Maximize Your Talk Breaks

To create engaging breaks, radio should focus on timely tidbits,…
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Melissa Forman at WLIT Chicago loves Prep+!

“I love Prep+! It makes my morning so much easier. Organization and timing are half the battle of doing a show. Prep+ makes it all happen with ease. If it ever goes away…I’ll cry!”

“Prep+ is the centerpiece of our Show Prep Flow on the KSMS. We customize each day, each hour, each bit, schedule guests, save youtube links, save audio clips, EVERYTHING housed in one service…”

“We love Prep+, it not only provides us with great, usable prep…it helps structure our show. The addition of easy to use, pre-edited audio and ready to drop in social media is over the top!”



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