Why Audio Marketing Technology Should Be Part of Your Marketing Tech Stack

You’ve created and produced your audio content but now need tools to help it perform to its potential. Learn how adding audio management and marketing technology to your marketing stack will help you build brand loyalty and grow your business.

We have a question for you: Are you  incorporating audio content into your marketing mix? Producing audio is a creative feat of its own, but its creation is only part of successful audio content marketing.  After all, once audio content is produced and recorded, that digital file won’t have any impact unless brands ensure it reaches their desired audiences. 

Which brings us to an even more important question: When you started producing audio content, did you make room for audio management and marketing technology in your martech mix? 

The tech stacks of savvy marketing teams contain a variety of helpful technologies, tools, and platforms that empower brands to operate more efficiently and effectively. Your typical marketing tech stack features CMS, advertising, email, analytics, social media, video, and CRM technologies, just to name a few. But these traditional content marketing tools don’t have the following audio production and distribution capabilities that audio management and marketing technology provides to your team. 

Enterprise-Grade Hosting and Storage

More audio content, more storage needs. If your brand is cranking out audio webinars and podcasts, there’s a good chance you’re racking up hosting fees. That’s especially true if your content really takes off and finds a large audience! Luckily for you, the POST audio management and marketing platform allows unlimited archiving to ensure your audio content is safely stored in one location, easily accessible for both your teams and your listeners, and doesn’t rack up additional hosting fees that make you a victim of your own success.

Fast, Sophisticated Distribution and  Engagement

You’ve produced your audio content. Now you’ve got to get it out into the world. When you invest in the right audio management and marketing  technology, you can upload your audio content with the click of a button to platforms and apps such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.  Even better? This technology helps you promote your audio content and engage with audiences on social media. And features like video integration, transcriptions, chapter markers, and other capabilities help increase engagement and inspire action with your audience.

Advanced Analytics

At the end of the day, numbers are everything. And while tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Marketo are tried-and-true measurement solutions that quantify the success of your brand’s digital marketing, they don’t give you insight into your audio content’s performance. To get that, you need metrics such as number of listeners, listen-through-rate, and unique downloads. Unlike traditional analytics tools, technology that’s specific to audio measurement provides you deep visibility into these metrics so you can effectively analyze how audio is bringing value to your marketing plan.

As audio content continues to grow in popularity, brands should ask themselves how capable their marketing tech stack is and if they’re ready to make an investment in audio management and marketing technology. Adding POST to your marketing stack could be the answer you need to maximize the potential of your audio content — and your marketing strategy as a whole.

Do you have the right tools to elevate your audio marketing strategy? Contact us to learn more about POST today.



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