What’s a Show in POST?

Your POST plan is priced per show. So what’s a show, anyway?

The best way to think about a show is to think of it like your favorite TV series. Let’s say that’s The Simpsons. That series — or, when you’re talking about a podcast in POST, a show — has more than 600 episodes! With POST, you can publish as many episodes of your show as you like, as frequently as you wish — daily, weekly, bi-weekly, whatever works for you.

With POST, you’ll never pay additional fees for publishing too many episodes, and you’ll never pay extra fees for hosting too much content with us. Our no-surprises pricing means that you’ll never have to adjust your budget upward if your podcast takes off and you want to create lots and lots of content.

You may want to start with one show for your business or organization, and if you decide you’d like to create different shows — say, to discuss different types of topics or target a different audience — then it’s easy to upgrade. All your content will continue to live in your POST account. No need for multiple logins. POST makes it easy!



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