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Expand your audience, drive revenue growth, and increase social engagement with POST.

Maximize the ROI on the content you’re already creating, manage your original podcasts, create turnkey station video, get transcription standard and so much more with POST’s powerful features. PLUS: Nielsen / Futuri study finds a profound appetite for time-shifted radio content among radio listeners – notably, highly monetizable and younger audiences. Download the free white paper now.

On-Demand Audio

Transform your broadcast into on-demand audio and instantly publish across multiple platforms.

One System

Manage and publish original podcasts and on-demand content like full-length interviews from the same system.

Image Library

POST’s library of fully-licensed images and video content drives more listens and eliminates copyright issues.

NEW: POST launches YouTube integration, empowering partners to create turnkey video from audio content. Click here to learn more.

POST’s patent-pending technology was designed for broadcasters to turn audio into on-demand content that grows audience and drives revenue while saving you time. And with POST’s full integrations with your systems, you can use it as a logger, so airchecking talent and pulling sales proof of performance assets is easy.

Total audio maximization.

PPM-encoded audio
Video generation


Powerful editor
Access to sales assets
24/7 VIP Support
Licensed image library
Straightforward ad insertion
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Logger capabilities
Searchable audio
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Third-party integration

Powerful technology designed specifically for broadcasters.

POST Audio Logger
  • Integrates with your board

  • Broadcast audio on-demand is PPM-encoded

  • Create turnkey station-branded video from your audio.

  • Retain all station audio, with transcription available.

  • Grab what you need quickly and easily

  • Straightforward ad insertion

When you have newsworthy content, you need to get it out fast. POST’s system is specifically designed to edit and publish your broadcast content as quickly as possible to help it get media coverage and go viral.

One-click distribution gets your content everywhere, fast.

POST makes distributing your content to multiple platforms easy. Our systems integrate with iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, your station website, your mobile app, iHeart, an RSS feed, and several third party systems, saving you time and getting your content in front of the biggest audience possible.

Licensed image library: protect yourself from copyright violation fines.

When it comes to listeners playing your on-demand audio, visuals matter. POST’s fully-licensed image library makes it simple to add custom images to your audio without fear of expensive fines.

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Transcription: Save time. Grow revenue. Change game.

POST can transcribe your content into searchable text, either segment by segment or with our available always-on transcription. Enter a keyword, and POST pulls every talk break with that keyword.
Sales: Search and download client mentions.
On-air features: Find all content by keyword.
Digital content and PR: Transcriptions make finding the most newsworthy content from a segment fast.

Monitor and improve performance with POST’s analytics.

Get full insight into how content is performing with your audience.

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POST makes monetization easy.

Drive on-demand podcasting revenue with POST’s seamless ad insertion system, or make it turnkey through the Futuri Ad Network and we send the revenue to you!
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Training, consulting, and 24/7 VIP Support. No one does it better, period.


Comprehensive training at the time of setup, and for any new hires, any time.


Our Partner Success team proactively monitors your performance and can advise on specific ways to grow.

VIP Support

Lightning-fast support any time from a team that’s compensated on resolving issues quickly and completely. 

Discover how POST can power your success.

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