Instantly distribute broadcast and original content into the shareable on-demand market with one click.
– Repurpose live audio and instantly publish across multiple platforms
– Manage and publish off-air content in the same system
– Fully-licensed image library drives more listens and eliminates copyright issues

POST is an on-demand audio production and publishing tool that enables broadcasters to turn audio into on-demand content and share across multiple platforms with one click. With POST, you can tap into new audiences by instantly repurposing broadcast audio; off-air audio content can be managed and published in the same system.

POST’s library of fully-licensed images, which can be attached to on-demand content, generates more listens and eliminates copyright issues. By keeping your content alive after it’s live, POST drives broadcast ratings growth and creates sellable digital assets from your existing content.


Find out how Futuri Media has helped more than 1,000 radio stations worldwide grow ratings and revenue with tools like POST