Futuri Streaming

High-quality turnkey enterprise audio streaming solutions with best-in-class support.

– The only radio streaming service using firewall-friendly HLS technology, features include Omnia audio processing, Adswizz ad integration with Smooth Spots algorithm, automatic album art, and real-time analytics

– 24/7 support includes proactive monitoring of your stream’s connectivity and uptime, which was 99.999% in 2016

– Ultra-reliable, broadcast-ready streaming transmitter uses industrial-grade components and dual power supplies, with remotely accessible configuration

Futuri Streaming pairs Futuri’s proven record of outstanding customer service with enterprise-level streaming services and the world’s only intelligent streaming transmitter. Ongoing support includes real-time analytics and proactive monitoring of stream uptime and connectivity to ensure a quality experience at all times. And its cutting-edge technology includes Omnia audio processing, Adswizz ad integration with Smooth Spots algorithm, and firewall-friendly HLS technology.

Futuri is the only streaming provider in the radio industry that uses HTTP live streaming (HLS), a protocol that was originally developed by Apple for streaming video. We saw its potential for streaming radio, and we adopted it. HLS helps us provide some of the most reliable streaming in the radio industry, and we believe it’s poised to become the prevailing technology for streaming radio.


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