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A First-Time News Manager’s Guide to Success

Tim Wolff, VP, TV & Digital Publishing Innovation, Futuri Media When I first became a news manager, I made some mistakes. In 20 years of news leadership, I learned a lot, and now I work with newsrooms across the U.S. to help them grow and evolve. This list of 10 things I learned can help any […]

What Broadcasters Can Learn from Metaverse Concerts

By Daniel Anstandig, CEO & Co-Founder, Futuri Media When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live events, the music industry scrambled to find alternatives to concerts that would let artists perform and interact with their fans digitally. At the same time, metaverse platforms like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft were exploding in popularity as digital gathering places. With a new digital world […]

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Anstandig on the Future: The Future of Paywalls

Paywalled journalism and content have been around since newspapers were first printed. In the digital age, those news outlets are not only competing with each other, but with individual content creators and information that circulates on free platforms like social media. Today, as consumers cut costs on subscriptions, paywalls may be more of a challenge […]

Beyond CrowdTangle: Truly Understanding Your Audience

By Tim Wolff, Futuri’s VP, TV and Digital Publishing Innovation Nearly every newsroom in America has attempted to use CrowdTangle in some capacity, but some have been caught unprepared by the news that CrowdTangle is ending support and will shut down the product. The good news is that many newsrooms had more valuable systems in […]