Anstandig on the Future: The Future of Paywalls

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Paywalled journalism and content have been around since newspapers were first printed. In the digital age, those news outlets are not only competing with each other, but with individual content creators and information that circulates on free platforms like social media. Today, as consumers cut costs on subscriptions, paywalls may be more of a challenge than ever.

So how do media companies accommodate those changes?

In this episode, Daniel Anstandig discusses several approaches to paywalling and subscription models. Some you’ve heard of, like the metered paywall or traditional subscriptions, but some look at how emerging services and technologies can be used to create new and innovative experiences for readers.

The future of paywalls is bright! They just might look a little different in the coming years.



  • What is the state of the subscription industry today?
  • Why journalists are flocking to Substack.
  • What media companies can learn from streaming services.
  • Alternatives to the traditional paywall.
  • Why NFT memberships can actually save you money.


  • Consumers are cutting costs and subscriptions are first.
  • The traditional paywall model does not grant access to information to those that need it most.
  • New paywall alternatives are emerging in services like Twitter Blue.
  • Web3 can help media companies find new revenue streams.