Are you doing these 5 things to monetize your stream?

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Are you doing these 5 things to monetize your stream?

Make sure you’re making the most of your station’s stream.

Futuri Streaming has several ways to monetize your station’s stream built into our system. Are you taking advantage of these easy ways to maximize revenue from your station’s stream?

Branded naming rights

Your studio naming rights deals can carry through to your streaming player, or you can create special naming rights packages just for your stream. You can co-brand your Futuri Streaming player with a lock-up of your logo plus your client’s. 

Ride-along display

Fixed at the bottom or the side of the streaming player — or both, if you so choose — this unit enables your clients’ messages to follow your listeners wherever they experience your streaming player. 

Audio and video pre-roll

When used effectively, pre-roll creative that plays when a listener starts your station stream is a powerful away to get across messaging for both your clients and your station. A few important things to know: 

  • Make sure to keep them short! A brief, impactful pre-roll can be far more effective than one that drags on, and it also helps ensure your listeners don’t bail before they reach your stream.
  • Take advantage of multiple configuration options to do what’s working best for your station. For example, you can choose to make video pre-roll skippable at your discretion. Take a look at your analytics and experiment, track, and adapt.
  • Streaming pre-roll video can be flighted and managed through Google DFP, the Futuri Ad Network, or other TK. That means it’s easy to change the creative to promote evolving or timely sponsor messages.
  • When your pre-roll inventory is unsold, use it creatively for station messaging. Using fun, high-quality imaging in that space helps the listener perceive it as high-value.
  • Take a look at how other stations are using pre-roll creatively. Here are some strong examples: 

Branded social shares

You can attach a brand to your station’s stream by [short overview of how]. Once you do that, any audio from the stream shared directly to Facebook or Twitter will be accompanied by your client’s brand. Listeners get access to your great content, and your clients get those valuable impressions. 

Reporting on performance metrics

With Futuri Streaming, you have access to real-time performance metrics to share with your advertisers. Create a reporting cadence that works for both you and your client. Maybe they want regular reporting; perhaps they just want to know when you (and they!) have had a big spike. You have a wealth of data available to you that will help you tell the story of your stream’s audience. 

Bonus! Futuri Streaming clients who would like help monetizing some or all of their inventory have access to the Futuri Ad Network. FAN gives you flexible, turnkey options for generating revenue from your audio content. To learn more, simply reach out to us today

Want to get started right away? Contact your Partner Success team today to take advantage of these revenue opportunities for your station’s stream.