How spending less than three minutes with TopLine today can kick off a successful 2020.

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How spending less than three minutes with TopLine today can kick off a successful 2020.

Happy New Year! The thing about having an excellent bit of downtime over the holidays (and we hope you did!) is that it can be difficult to get back into gear after a break. 

Luckily, for sales professionals who have access to TopLine, it’s not so difficult. TopLine’s sales research and data visualization tools advance your sales process with the insights to tell a credible, data-driven story. TopLine’s suite of tools is there with you every step of the way, from helping secure the first appointment to delivering quick-turnaround, fully researched and designed client-specific presentations that make the best possible case for doing business with your brands.

For TopLine users, less than three minutes spent in the system can help sharpen their focus for 2020. Here’s how it works if you have TopLine: 

  • Review new Instant Positioning pieces: Spend 90 seconds checking out the list of all-new research pieces your TopLine team has created over the past few weeks (we’ve been busy!). From the pest control customer to the Tesla shopper, there are dozens of new pieces at your fingertips. 


  • Get insight into new prospects: Spend 30 seconds requesting Personality Prep and Digital Prep Reports for that big prospect you’re targeting for new business in 2020. Prep is power! 


  • Nurture those prospects from 2019: TopLine users can access all their research requests from a convenient dashboard. Spend one minute searching your dashboard for research requests from Q4 for business that may not have closed (yet!), and request any changes that will help you follow up on that business. 

Sound like something that would help advance your sales process, and make your life easier, too? We’d love to talk! Reach out to us today