Easy ways to grow your social audience with TopicPulse

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Easy ways to grow your social audience with TopicPulse

Your TopicPulse Toolbox

  • IdeaStarters™ – Being fast to post the latest trending stories is important to growing your socials. You know that TopicPulse IdeaStarters™ keeps you up-to-date on the top trending stories for your format; are you using them for social content as well? Simply copy IdeaStarters™ text, format it however you like, and voila — instant, timely social post. Using the question in the IdeaStarters™ content is a great way to get listeners commenting, too. You might get some gems to use on-air!

  • About to Go Viral – Stay ahead of the viral trends on social media by following your “About to Go Viral” dropdown in TopicPulse.  Share those viral stories before anyone else so your listeners know your station is the place to go to find the latest viral sensation.

  • Instant Analysis –  Need ideas for stories your target demo is talking about?  TopicPulse’s Instant Analysis feature gives you a deep dive into each trending story so you can see how fast stories are growing, which hashtags and keywords to use, and validate this story is being viewed and shared by your station audience.

  • Conversation Starters – One way to increase social engagement is to spark a conversation!  TopicPulse gives you those ideas with Conversation Starters. These evergreen topics can be used on your socials any time; like IdeaStarters™, use the included question to get the likes, comments and shares going!

  • TopicPulse Instant Video – Video consumption, especially on socials, is growing incredibly quickly. We created TopicPulse Instant Video, an available companion to TopicPulse, to help you capitalize on this. Ready-made videos on the day’s top trending stories are updated throughout the day for you to use on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, YouTube, and many other platforms. Use them as-is with station branding, or create your own using on-air segments and custom copy!

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