Cozy Up to These Fall LDR Ideas Today!

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Cozy Up to These Fall LDR Ideas Today!

Cozy Up to These Fall LDR Ideas Today!

Check out these thought starters for creative ways to use LDR to engage your audience this fall.

Football time!

Tailgate Takeover

Have listeners pick the pre-game music for their tailgate parties on Saturdays and Sundays. You can create customized takeover playlists that relate to your city’s team to add to your possible promotional angles. 

Friday Night Lights Face Off

Check your local high school football schedules and pick the biggest games to feature on Friday afternoons for the Friday Face Off. Have high schools submit their favorite songs, and you can create their voting playlist. Start the voting an hour before the playlist feature starts, then feature 5 Face Offs that predict the winner of that night’s game.

Bonus! Sponsorship Ideas:

  • Create revenue with sponsorships on air, on-line and in automatic social posts when voting sessions go live. Add a community involvement/goodwill element by having sponsors making donations to the high school’s athletic programs.
  • Encourage schools to send in songs for their playlist by qualifying them for concert tickets via a web form sign up or TSL driven caller nine contest.
  • Send a ‘reporter’ to each high school’s Thursday practice to get audio for playback between Face Off songs the next day.

Trick or Treat, You Pick!

Use UPick voting sessions to let listeners vote for a Trick or a Treat. The Tricks are those guilty pleasure songs every format has, think: “Macarena”, “Achy Breaky Heart”, “Baby Shark”, “Stacy’s Mom”, “MMMBop”, etc. Make the Treats big hits or even better, work in special versions of big hits like live tracks, acoustic takes, or awards show performances.  

Thanksgiving Family Food Fight

Use LDR’s stylized voting Food Fight web widget to let listeners pick the music you play on Thanksgiving. Pre-promote with a grocery store or food bank sponsor and make a big deal on the air about the cool look on your website where voting for your favorite song keeps the food fight going. 

Black Friday Song Alert Deals

For one day only, add a link to your Song Alert templates that leads to a hidden page on your website with discount codes, exclusive/secret deals from your advertisers and even listening appointment times to win gift cards or tickets to holiday events. For a custom twist on this idea make the promotion happen on Wednesday or Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Remind listeners to set lots of Song Alerts the day before! 

The Leftover Takeover

Program Takeover voting for certain hours or the whole weekend on Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. Loosen that belt, get out the sweatpants and burn a few (very few) calories by voting for your favorite music. 

Various Fall Autumn Creative Titles/Positioning for Song Voting Sessions:

  • Fall Back into the 90’s (on the weekend when the time changes)
  • Leaf Peepers Takeover Weekend
  • Fall Harvest Weekend, Pick Your Own! (Takeovers / Upicks)

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