Adding Your On-Demand Content to Your Alexa Skill

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Adding Your On-Demand Content to Your Alexa Skill

Make sure your podcast and time-shifted audio is everywhere your listeners are – including Alexa Smart Speakers!

You can easily add any on-demand content to your Futuri Voice skill in your station’s Control Room page.  

If you would like to add on-demand content to your skill, please contact VIP Support at, so they can unlock your Alexa Skills “Asset Collection” page in Control Room.  Once Support has confirmed that the page is unlocked, you can start following the steps below:

Login to Control Room

Find the Alexa Skills menu and click on “Asset Collection”

Scroll until you come to the section titled “Audio Content” and check the “Include On Demand?” box.

A section labeled “On-Demand Category” will now appear at the bottom of the page.

Now, you can fill out the information for your first piece of On Demand content:

  1. In the “Category Title” field, give your content a name – this is what listeners will say when they want to hear this on-demand content.  For example, “The Scott and Clint Morning Show” or “The Daily Dish Podcast.”
  2. In the “Feed URL” field, enter the link to the location of the on-demand RSS feed.  Each item in the feed should include a title and description.
  3. In the “Scripted Preamble” field, provide a short intro to the feed that will be read by Alexa before the first episode or piece of content plays, For example, “You’re listening to the best of the Scott and Clint Morning Show” or “You’re listening to The Daily Dish Podcast”.
  4. For the “Recorded Pre-Roll,” upload a 5-10 second audio recording that will introduce your on-demand content to the listener.

Once all of these fields are completed, scroll down and click the Save button.

Lastly, scroll back to the top of the Asset Collection form and click the Submit to Futuri button.  This will finalize your changes and notify our team that you made updates to your skill.

Our team will submit the updates to Amazon to for you.  Once approved by Amazon, they will usually go live within 24-48 hours.  

Once the On Demand content is live be sure to spread the word!

  1. Share on the air  – Let your listeners know that they can hear this show or podcast on their Alexa Smart Speaker.  Instruct your listeners to enable your skill by saying your skill invocation name and then choosing the On-Demand option from the skill menu.  For example, “Alexa launch Mix 103” and once enabled choose “On Demand” from the Listen Live or On Demand options.
  2. Record a Video – Show your listeners how to enable your station skill and access on-demand content by having an on-air personality set it up via video.  Share this on your website, Facebook, Instagram Stories, Twitter – everywhere!
  3. Put it on your Website – Include a page that walks listeners through enabling your station skill, how to access on-demand content and how to listen live!
  4. Promote, Promote, Promote – Photos, Banner Ads, Videos, On-Air Promotions and more.

If you have any questions, call us 877-221-7979 x1 or email at today. We’re happy to help!