To Close a Deal, Tell a Story

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To Close a Deal, Tell a Story

To Close a Deal, Tell a Story

To Close a Deal, Tell a Story

By using data and insights to frame a narrative, radio can boost their sales efforts.  

“Let me tell you a story.” That’s how some of the best conversations get started. When it comes to advertising sales, it is important to take prospective clients on a journey. You don’t want to just rattle off facts and figures, but rather show them why your station is the best partner to help them reach their goals. When it comes to sales, storytelling is a way to connect your on-air and digital channels’ ad opportunities with your client’s objectives.

So how do you deliver this kind of compelling pitch? The very best presentations are grounded in data and insights, and they weave that information together with visuals and text to create a strong narrative.

Say, for example, your client wants to reach young families. An effective presentation will set the scene for an advertiser about the moms and dads that listen in the car or stream your station on their smart speakers while considering their weekend plans or household purchases. Once you’ve painted a scene, then you share your data on audience delivery and brand engagement and how the advertiser relates. Smartly-designed one-sheets and decks will weave together data points and visuals to communicate your story.

This kind of presentation can help show your value. In today’s analytics-driven world, marketers are under pressure to deliver return on investment and they need to know they’re spending their money wisely. As more local businesses direct money to video, social, and mobile, they want hard evidence that spending ad dollars on radio and radio digital platforms is a smart bet. A custom, targeted sales storytelling presentation can help answer those questions. Business owners remember stories, not stats.

Our experience has taught us there are three essential ingredients to an effective presentation: data, insights and storytelling. Here is how Futuri Media’s custom sales tool, TopLine, pulls it all together:

Data: More than ever, local marketers want to see how your station can deliver and generate sales. Radio is known for its broad reach and ability to raise purchase intent. To prove it, we mine multiple data sources to pull the most relevant information to support your sales pitch. That might include first-party or third-party data, including demographics and psychographics on your audience and their customers. With our newest feature, Topline-MapIt™, we can illustrate how your stations’ reach with audience aligns with an advertisers’ target.

Insights: Armed with qualitative and quantitative data, our team of analysts will compile information on how your stations can deliver for a client. Our team creates materials to demonstrate how your station’s reach matches up with an advertiser’s customers.

Creative: Futuri’s team of copywriters and designers will create rich, compelling station-branded decks and one-sheets to bring to your meetings. These custom research and sales presentations can be ordered right from the mobile app or website. Our experienced staffers write the text, insert graphics, compile charts and statistics, and craft positioning material. We can provide up to three positioning pieces per month. 


In today’s time-strapped, multitasking sales environment, radio sellers may be hard-pressed to develop sales narratives. That’s where having a partner in your corner can help. We’ve developed our TopLine tools to help on the backend. We supply vetted research and insights, and package that information into a visually-compelling presentations to share with clients.

Other companies can provide you with data, but then you’re on your own to interpret it for a client and design a presentation. That extra work can cost your station time and money. With TopLine, your sales team can deliver targeted and custom presentations that put a spotlight on your assets and how they’ll deliver for advertisers.  And when you show clients how you’ll help build their business, it could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.