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LDR Summer Ideas

The temperature is rising and so can your ratings with LDR voting sessions and Song Alerts!

Song Voting

U-Pick/Takeover – 4th of July – Red White and New

(Contact VIP Support before 6/28 for assistance with set-up)

Feature the best new music you’re already playing or introduce new songs/bands all day on the 4th of July. This can be set up with U-Pick Voting at predetermined times or with Takeover Voting song slots spread out through the day.

Promo/Liner copy example:

“Celebrate your freedom to hear your choice of the best new rock in the USA with WXXX’s ‘Red White and New fourth of July.’  Get to (website) to see our playlist of the best new rock songs in America. We’ve added songs from superstars like (artists/bands) that just broke onto the scene in the past year and new rock acts ready for their first moment in the spotlight. See the songs, preview the music and vote for what we should play.”  

U-Pick – Summer Concert Ticket Contesting

(Contact VIP Support 1-2 weeks before launch for assistance with set-up)

Bring new life to the old standard of having an artist’s song be the cue to call/text in to win tickets to their upcoming concert. Encourage listeners to vote for which song by that artist they’d like to hear. That artist playing is still the cue to call, but you’ve a fun interactive element.

Promo/Liner copy example:

“Be caller 9 when you hear any song from Ariana in the next 30 minutes to get on the WXXX Guest List! In fact, we’ll even let you pick which Ariana Grande song we play! Vote now at WXXX.com.”

Takeover/Takeover Countdown – Before the Concert

(Contact VIP Support 1-2 weeks before launch for assistance with set-up)

Take advantage of listener excitement on the day a core artist comes to down for a show with an artist takeover. Start the voting in the morning on the day of a big concert and promote all day. Run the feature on the air about 90-120 minutes before the gates open for big concerts.

Promo/Liner copy example:

“If you’re headed to see Keith Urban tonight keep us on in the parking lot for the WXXX Concert Warm Up and a full hour of Keith Urban to get you ready for the show! We’ll even let you pick the songs! Get to (website) and tell us which Keith Urban songs to play. Choose from Keith’s big hits and rare live and acoustic versions.”  

U-Pick/Takeover – First Song Summer Fridays

(Contact VIP Support 1-2 weeks before launch for assistance with set-up)

Start the first song of every music sweep with a “Summer Friday” song. The station chooses songs befitting of a summertime Friday/Party nature, big party songs rarely played in regular rotation, special mixes, etc. They can set these up as individual U-Pick voting session that go live 25 min before the songs play. Another option is to make the first song of every music sweep a Takeover slot,…start the Takeover session in the morning, keep it live through the day.

This is a great way to engage listeners before a stop set and keep them engaged or bring them back to the station after spots.

Promo/Liner copy example:

“We never start the music on WXXX’s First Song Summer Fridays until you’ve told us what to play! Get to (website) and vote for the song that makes your Summer Friday happen!”

Takeover/U-Pick – Summer Themed Weekends: party songs, pool/lake/beach songs, 80’s throwbacks, artist features

(Contact VIP Support 1-2 weeks before launch for assistance with set-up)

Engaging listeners with music that fits their summertime weekend activities, parties and the places they’ll go is a great programming strategy used by top stations in all formats. Once the theme and name have been identified, add the tactical strength of giving listeners control of the music.

Promo/Liner copy example

“Know why WXXX lets you pick the Big 80’s Weekend Throwback music all summer? We know you’re gonna sing along,…(song hook.) And we know you don’t know all the words,…(song hook.) And, we’re OK with that! (Song Hook.) Every weekend, all summer, you tell us what Big 80’s Throwbacks to play,…and we’ll ignore your,…uh,…custom lyrics. Vote for your music now at (website.)”

U-Pick/Takeover – Back to Cool – August/Sept

(Contact VIP Support 1-2 weeks before launch for assistance with set-up)

Good for Classic Rock/Classic Hits stations. Pick a year or a segment of an era (early 60’s, late 70’s, etc.) and feature song voting for the big hits of that year/era and the lost gems, one hit wonders that rarely get airplay. U-Pick or Takeover voting works well for this. The imagery of this theme is brought to life by DJ references to the cultural/iconic subjects relevant to the year/era; movie titles, gossip/entertainment scandals, future A list acts that had their first big hit in that year/era, prices of gas/cars, fashion, etc..

Promo/Liner copy example:

“It was the early 90’s, you were driving to college. You didn’t know then what you know now, … were a few pounds lighter, … were about to meet the people who changed how you see the world. And the music, …meant, … everything. School’s back in session on WXXX only this time, you’re not going to class,…you’re going ‘back to cool.’ Get to (website) to tell us the songs we need to play for your ‘back to cool’ soundtrack flashback. Vote now and all weekend. Let the music that drove you forward, take you back, on WXXX.”  

FaceOff Voting – Hot Days/Lost Tracks

(Contact VIP Support 1-2 weeks before launch for assistance with set-up)

Using one hit wonders, ‘event’ oriented songs, guilty pleasure songs, etc. These songs just play better in Summer than any other season, especially when your station’s listeners are gathered at a summertime party, pool, event, etc.

Think in terms of the songs that became big hits overnight, then faded fast due to being overplayed. They were taken off of the air for a reason, but hearing them again, once, is a big nostalgic hit. This works for every age group and format, from“Ice Ice Baby”, “Kung Fu Fighting” and “Macarena” to “My Sharona”, “MMM Bop” and “Baby Got Back”.

Having two of these songs in a FaceOff Voting session can be fun (and hilarious) for stations/DJ’s that set up the voting sessions with great references to the artists/lyrics/content.

Promo/Liner copy example:

“The next WXXX ‘Hot Days/Lost Tracks’ Faceoff voting has started. These two songs weren’t as hot and long as summers in (local area) but they did have their day in the sun. Should we play ‘Whip It’ by Devo or ‘The Safety Dance’?’ Basically, do you wanna hear the guys who wore those ridiculous hats in that video or, Men *Without* Hats? Vote now at (website) for which one plays,…then, they both go back in the vault, forever!”

Benefits of Song Voting

  • Creates a significant point of programming
  • Drives web traffic, engagement, and grows unique visitors
  • Drives tune-ins to your station
  • Enhance artist based programming, like concert announcements or ticket contests

Song Alerts

Contesting via Song Alerts

(Log in to Control Room to customize your Song Alert messages)

Concept – encourage your listeners to set a Song Alert for any song they like. When the alerts arrive the user sees exclusive contest info. To bring this to life, edit your Song Alert Templates for a specific time period to include the contest info. When the contest is over the templates would need to be changed back.

Promo/Liner copy example:

“Now through Thursday, every WXXX Song Alert not only lets you know that one of your favorites is about to play on WXXX, it will also include everything you need to know to win $1000 on Friday! Get to (website,) set your Song Alerts, and that $1000 can be yours!”

Benefits of Song Alerts

  • Listeners familiar with Song Alerts will set more of them
  • Listeners unfamiliar will learn how they work
  • Drives web traffic, grows unique visitors
  • The contest details within the Song Alert can drive TSL, Social platform activity, onsite attendance, digital/web activity

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