TopicPulse Launches New Show Prep Features as Nielsen Audio Study Confirms Its Measurable Results in Time Spent With Radio

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TopicPulse Launches New Show Prep Features as Nielsen Audio Study Confirms Its Measurable Results in Time Spent With Radio

TopicPulse and Nielsen Study

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Study shows that users of Futuri Media’s real-time, AI-powered show prep system have consistently higher CUME and AQH share than non-users

Cleveland, Ohio, October 17, 2018 – Futuri Media, a global leader in technology designed to drive audience and revenue growth for broadcasters, today announced the addition of new features to TopicPulse, its real-time, AI-powered show prep system, as well as the results of a new study from Nielsen Audio that shows its measurable results on time spent with radio.

TopicPulse is the only show prep system that uses artificial intelligence that combines real-time insights from Facebook, Twitter, and 100k+ other verified sources of news and information, paired with a team of moderators and content writers, to:

      • Identify topics that resonate with a show’s specific target audience, including Audience, Demo, Format, Market, or Category, in real time;
      • Determine which stories are about to go viral and which are burning out; and
      • Deliver IdeaStarters™ copy points that can be used to kick off a conversation as-is on broadcast, station websites, or social media.

New features available to TopicPulse users include:

      • The Rundown: TopicPulse users can now create an interactive show rundown by dragging and dropping stories and IdeaStarters™ into specific time slots and sharing the schedule with their team. The Rundown’s ‘What’s Missing?’ feature will surface the top five stories trending with a station’s audience that haven’t already been selected for its Rundown.
      • 2018 Midterms Pulse: TopicPulse users can now see which stories related to the upcoming Midterm elections are trending with their audience. This feature is active for all News/Talk stations and available to all other TopicPulse users upon request.

The new features launch at a time when TopicPulse is demonstrating clear ROI for its partners. Nielsen Audio recently conducted a study that correlated ratings of TopicPulse users vs. average stations, and examined whether heavy users of TopicPulse correlated with even higher ratings. Key findings include:

      • Stations doing real-time show prep with TopicPulse have 2x higher cume and AQH share in both P18-49 and P25-54 demos compared to average PPM measured stations.
      • The more frequently TopicPulse stations use the system, the higher their average cume and AQH share. The ten heaviest users of TopicPulse, based on number of logins and minutes used, had +7.3% higher cume rating and +3% higher AQH share than average TopicPulse users.
      • Morning Drive users logged into TopicPulse during the show had 48% higher 6a-10a M-F AQH share than stations that only log in the night before.

The study also determined that morning shows using TopicPulse consistently performed better in AQH share compared to those not using TopicPulse, a finding that was consistent across multiple formats and demos.

Index of AQH Share on TopicPulse client stations vs. average non-TopicPulse client stations during Morning Drive

      • Rock / Classic Rock: 131% P18-49, 116% A25-54
      • Top 40 / AC: 115% P18-49, 100% A25-54
      • Country: 98% P18-49, 85% A25-54
      • Urban: 37% P18-49, 22% A25-54
      • N/T/S: 12% P18-49, 35% A25-54

“A solid blend of art and science is critical for making content decisions that will engage audiences in today’s fragmented media landscape,” says Futuri Media Senior Vice President of Operations, Todd Thomas. “We’re proud that the science TopicPulse technology delivers – a capability no other show prep service delivers – is delivering such a strong competitive advantage for our partners.”