Five Ways to Boost Engagement with Your Radio Station App

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Five Ways to Boost Engagement with Your Radio Station App

Promote Your Radio Station's Mobile App

Boost Engagement with Your Radio Station App

To Drive Usage, Promote Your App’s Best Features

The adage, “If you build it, they will come,” doesn’t necessarily apply to mobile apps. Your local radio station may have a robust mobile app packed with engaging features, but unless you educate your audience creatively and regularly, your app could get lost among the millions of available apps on the market today. At Futuri Media, a global SaaS provider of technology for broadcasters, we suggest you promote your app’s best features, with frequency, to educate the audience and drive engagement.

We’ve identified five winning ways to tout your mobile app to boost downloads, burnish your brand, and increase activity. 

1. Educate your audience: This may seem obvious, but you need to remind your listeners frequently that you have a mobile app and highlight the best features, then make it easy to find. Position the link to your mobile app prominently on your website and regularly post about it on social media channels. On the air, have talent reference the app using live reads and recorded promotional mentions. Leverage your promotional inventory to spotlight your branding, tout functions, and lead users to the app.  

2. Promote a single use and keep it brief: To generate interest and excitement, replace generic 30-second promos with crisp, 15-second spots that feature a single app feature. Tout the weather or traffic feature during morning and afternoon drive. The key here is to tell your users what the app can do for them – and break it down, one feature at a time.

3. Be specific: Let your audience learn how your app is convenient, exciting, and engaging. Develop messaging that is as specific as possible.  By tying your app to a specific season or special event, you are making your app a digital “destination” into your entire station’s brand ecosystem. Your promotions team should create a monthly promotional schedule for your app and be consistent in executing the messaging and promotional strategy.

4. Put the app to good use: After tragedy or natural disasters, local broadcasters have a long tradition of providing support and information to their communities. Your app can help with deliver news, and options for fundraising and donations. On-air and online, direct users to the app to make contributions and communicate with the community.

5. Work the features: At Futuri Media, clients can choose from more than 50 customizable app features to spotlight your station’s assets. Some of our favorites include:

  • “Open Mic” to get listeners to vote on songs or engage on a particular topic.

  • Flash Contesting to drive the audience to your app to win prizes during a specific period of time.

  • Push Notifications are versatile and perfect for station promos, song alerts, and local news and information.

  • Integrate with Futuri’s #engage platform to incorporate seamless social media messaging.

  • Integrate news, weather, traffic and community/station event listings, and more.

Ready to see how your station can maximize your Futuri Media mobile app and craft better promotions? Contact us for more details.