TopLine-MapIt™ Illustrates Radio’s Reach

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TopLine-MapIt™ Illustrates Radio’s Reach

TopLine MapIt Ice Cream Shop Example enlarged

TopLine MapIt Ice Cream Shop Example enlargedFuturi Media’s Latest TopLine Tool Maps Stations’ Footprint Relative to Clients’ Business

Every picture tells a story, and Futuri Media’s new TopLine-MapIt™ mapping tool can help broadcasters illustrate their relevance to prospective clients.

With TopLine-MapIt™ , broadcast sales teams can create custom maps visually displaying their geographic reach relative to a local business’ market. These visuals demonstrate just how radio effectively connects with consumers. Maps effectively communicate the consumer story by depicting where consumers live within a radio station’s broadcast area, relevant to the retail location.

TopLine-MapIt™ is the latest addition to Futuri’s powerful TopLine advertising sales and support system. Futuri Media, a global leader in SaaS technology, designed TopLine to help save radio sellers time and design more effective presentations. The TopLine system offers access to the latest quantitative and qualitative data, and the ability to quickly generate customized, graphic-rich presentations.

WithTopLine-MapIt™, Futuri is capitalizing on the power of visualization to help grow revenue even further. The maps overlay a station’s geographic footprint with data on a client’s target customers, providing a vital – and visual – connection between radio listening and potential business.

“Data is a crucial tool for making decisions, but there’s just so much of it. We built TopLine on turning that data into insights,” said Daniel Anstandig, Futuri Media CEO. “As data-visualization becomes an increasingly important part of the broadcast marketing sales and engagement landscape, we’re committed to providing even more tools to develop and close business.”

To help broadcast sellers become more educated with the advertising prospect, Futuri recently added TopLine Appointment Prep Reports, which generates a detailed report on the business decision-making style of the people making the buying decision. Additionally, TopLine APR provides complete real-time analysis of a client’s current digital and social health report card.

In the competitive local advertising market, Futuri’s TopLine suite is proven to help radio stations boost their bottom line. Last year, the TopLine system helped Futuri’s partners garner more than $100 million in additional revenue.

TopLine-MapIt™ is available to all TopLine subscribers and easily accessible via TopLine’s web and mobile platforms.  Reach out to us today here, at, or at 877.221.7979 x2 to discuss how TopLine can help you station close deals.