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Busy Moms Love Audio

Busy Mom

Busy MomMoms are heavy consumers of AM/FM radio, digital audio, and podcasts

While they’re busy juggling careers and families, modern Moms still make time for audio.  As avid listeners of radio, digital audio and podcasts, Moms are completely tuned in, visiting multiple social media networks daily. This busy lifestyle consumer’s media consumption habits translate into opportunity for broadcasters to target Moms across broadcast, digital and social platforms. At Futuri Media, our tools make it easy to create and distribute the content Moms seek on a daily basis.

On average, Moms (defined as women with children 21 years old or younger) spend more than 8 hours per day consuming media, and nearly all (98%) have a smartphone, according to Edison Research’s new “Moms and Media” study. Moms listen to AM/FM radio on a daily basis for 2-hours and are online for 3 hours. The loyalty factor for radio is also one to note as 78% of chose the medium as their preference for audio engagement both over the air and online.

As multi-tasking mavens, Moms make time for their favorite entertainment spending 13-hours with audio services every single week.

What’s making all of this media time possible? The answer is mobile. Smartphones make it easy for Moms to access entertainment choices quickly. 81% of Moms tuned to audio services on their Smartphone, up 10% from 2017, citing flexibility, selection, and convenience as their top reasons. Other critical stats to consider the media consumption habits of today’s Mom:

72% stream podcasts on phones, tablets or other portable devices

53% listen to podcasts at home, while 20% listen in their cars, up from 13% last year.

23% own an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, up from just 6% a year ago.

Social media networks are also vital to Moms staying up to date and informed. Help Moms remain engaged and in touch. 9:10 Moms use social media and 60% check multiple times per day. Facebook remains on top as the most popular social media network with 79% of usage; Instagram and Snapchat are making steady gains, with 44% of Moms logging on to Instagram, and 34% visiting Snapchat. Craft and DIY Moms love Pinterest, with 50% regularly checking in and 25% on Twitter.

How to engage today’s Mom is easier when you have a technology partner at your side. Futuri Media provides innovative solutions to captivate and retain Moms with audio sources.

Stay topical and relevant to Moms with all your content.

TopicPulse powers your broadcast, podcasts, and social media posts with real-time content Moms care about most.

– Futuri’s POST system makes it easy for busy Moms to consume your content. With licensed images attracting them to your podcasts, POST provides for distribution into all the sources Moms turn to including Facebook and station websites.

Capture the Mom market share on their smartphones by integrating #engage into your mobile app. Attract them back to your brand by using song alerts, text alerts, email and push notifications. Sync social posts with your playlists, and allow Moms to build playlists for tune-in on the go.

Futuri Mobile can help your brand create a compelling media rich user experience for Moms. With more than 50 features, including audio and video streaming, Moms can engage with your playlists, weather, push notifications and contesting.

– Capture Moms throughout the home and at the office with your custom-built Alexa skills. Power your brand through this voice activated generation with streaming and on-demand content to Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

– Moms are in their cars running the family to and from events so be sure your stream is reliable and powered by Futuri Streaming, providing the best in class, highest quality streaming experience in the market today.

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