Futuri Offers Better Prep for Big Meetings to Help Close Sales

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Futuri Offers Better Prep for Big Meetings to Help Close Sales

Futuri Media APR

Futuri Media APR

Let TopLine Appointment Prep Reports gather the info you need for client meetings

In today’s hyper-competitive ad market, the old saying, “Know your audience” has never been more important. At Futuri Media, we want our partners to be as prepared as possible for their business meetings, and we want to make it easier for you to close business.

That’s why we’re adding a new meeting-preparation service, TopLine Appointment Prep Reports, to our suite of TopLine advertising sales support services.

Think of TopLine Appointment Prep Reports as your source for exclusive advanced intelligence. This service will help you and your team better understand clients and their current advertising plans, improving your position to close advertising sales.

With just a day’s notice, our experts can prepare a detailed report on a prospective client’s media profile, including their digital marketing presence, high-performing social media content, top searches, and discoverability.

We’ll also suggest ways your team can improve a company’s digital activities and advance their brand in the marketplace. Overall, we want to help you make better connections with the individual decision makers.

Our TopLine Appointment Prep Reports meeting-preparation service can help you identify their personality types, receive ideas on how to communicate most effectively, as well as tips on how to strategize your presentation and plan your meeting style.  

TopLine’s features make it the total meeting-preparation service

These new features are the latest innovation to our popular TopLine service, which is designed to save you time, improve your presentations, and help grow your bottom line.

With the TopLine web and mobile apps, your sales team can access customized sales presentations backed by quantitative and qualitative research, and delivered in as little as one business day from your initial request. You’ll have materials in development by the time you leave your client’s parking lot.

By adding TopLine Appointment Prep Reports to your arsenal, your team of sales professionals will be armed with the best information and advice. They’ll have a better understanding of the business owners and leaders, as well a detailed understanding of how that business is currently deploying their resources.

You’ll be able to see what is working and where the new opportunities lie — and communicate that to the clients. Plus, you can access TopLine from your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Ready to give our latest offering, the TopLine Appointment Prep Reports, a try?

This new service is available to all of our TopLine subscribers and is easily accessible via the TopLine web or mobile apps. Reach out to us today here, at partner@futurimedia.com, or at 877.221.7979 x2 to discuss how TopLine can give your sellers more time to do what they do best – sell and close deals!