Is Your Streaming Player Flash-Free?

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Is Your Streaming Player Flash-Free?

Just because you stream your station doesn’t mean everyone can hear it.

After slowly sunsetting Adobe Flash for many years, Google Chrome has finally disabled it within the default installation. Re-enabling it requires going through a convoluted six-step process in a hidden configuration menu.

The more digital-savvy among you may be saying, “So? Most sites have already moved away from Flash.” But not every listener is up on the latest and greatest technology, and now that Flash has effectively been removed from a browser with more than one billion active users, many radio broadcasters are dealing with headaches.

Incredibly, most radio streaming players still rely on Flash to reliably stream their audio. And even players that use HTML5 audio, which Safari favors over Flash, have their own set of issues. HTML5 was designed to play short sound effects within websites, and because it lacks the ability to manage buffer levels, HTML5 Audio tends to suffer cutouts and disconnections during long streaming sessions. And you like your listeners to stay with you, right?

Enter Media Source Extensions (MSE). Futuri Media is proud to announce that our streaming player is the first to use this new, Flashless technology, which is relied on by YouTube and Netflix to deliver a high-quality, reliable experience on even the worst Internet connections.

MSE was designed specifically for streaming. It has advanced buffer management features that can detect when a cut-out may be on the verge of happening, and proactively prevents interruptions by downloading bursts of audio as needed. Combined with Futuri’s use of HLS streaming technology, this new player technology makes it possible to reliably listen over long periods of time, even on slow running internet connections.

MSE works in a wide variety of desktop and mobile browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Running your station’s stream through Futuri’s player, the first in the radio industry to use MSE, is a simple way to ensure that even your least tech-savvy listener has a high-quality experience that reflects well on your brand and keeps them listening.

Learn more about how Futuri Streaming can delivery a high-quality, reliable streaming experience for your brand today!