Futuri’s TopicPulse Announces New Advancements and Features

Global leader in audience engagement technology

Futuri’s TopicPulse Announces New Advancements and Features

TopicPulse provides real-time story discovery capabilities for broadcasters, predicting which topics are about to go viral

Cleveland, August 24, 2016 – TopicPulse, the social media story discovery tool that scans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 80,000 sources per minute, announced new advancements and features for its broadcast partners today.

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New features in the TopicPulse system include:

  • Alerts for Breaking News and Social Bursts: TopicPulse detects bursts in social media activity and immediately alerts users of breaking news.
  • Viral Predictor: TopicPulse predicts which social trends are about to go viral based on their engagement and growth trends.
  • Detect Story Opportunities: TopicPulse will show you which stories have high social engagement but low news coverage, indicating where there may be strong content opportunities.
  • Customized Shortcuts: Get right to the social content and stories that matter most. Use shortcuts to see what your audience or competitor’s audience is talking about, discover new stories for broadcast, or see what’s gaining speed on social.


  • New TopicPulse Mobile App for iOS and Android: Discover new stories and content opportunities on the go. Download the new mobile app at http://app.topicpulse.com/mobile

TopicPulse tracks real-time social media engagement for broadcasters in their local markets and within their audience qualitative profiles.

Futuri Media’s Director of TopicPulse Partnership Development, Jill Manuel, said, “Futuri’s team is committed to helping stations stand out in their markets on broadcast, digital, and mobile.  TopicPulse enables our partners to leverage the power and speed of social media trends in their shows, newscasts, websites and social media posts.  There’s nothing else like it.”

More information on TopicPulse v3 is available at http://www.topicpulse.com

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Futuri Media (http://www.old.futurimedia.com) is a global leader in innovative interactive broadcast technology. It develops SaaS-based social and mobile audience engagement technology for broadcasters and publishers including TopicPulse®; Listener Driven Radio’s LDR1™ voting window and Takeover® technologies; TopLine, the sales presentation service; and Futuri Mobile™, which designs custom mobile features and apps for broadcasters, offering more than 250 iPhone, Android and tablet apps. Futuri’s 2015 acquisition of StreamOn brings next-generation audio streaming, podcasting and social media sharing capabilities to broadcasters. The company’s platforms are in use at more than 1,000 TV and radio stations and networks in 18 countries, reaching more than 100 million consumers monthly.