Increase Ratings, Revenue, And Digital Engagement With LDR – Listener Driven Radio

It’s been a challenge since the dawn of radio: how do you make your listeners feel more a part of your programming, but in a way that still takes advantage of all you know about making great radio? With Futuri’s patented LDR1 and Takeover technology, you get the best of both worlds. Futuri has developed these systems with the wants of the listener and the needs of the program director top of mind.

Futuri Instant Alerts available with LDR1, Takeover, Mobile

Nielsen Study Confirms

Instant Alerts™ Drive Ratings

Instant Alerts Drive TSL and Tune-In Occasions. 30 times Bigger TSL Increases. 5.75 times Bigger Tune-In Occasion Increases

Instant Alerts™
With LDR Instant Alerts™, listeners receive email, tweet, and text alerts when their favorite song is about to play. Instant Alerts drive tune-ins and increase TSL.
Music Research
Listeners explore your playlist, discovering and rating songs chosen by the PD.
Play song clips, rate songs, see the latest news on an artist, share songs, and get alerts when your favorite songs play.
PD’s can also access instant reports in the Futuri Control Room Admin. Providing deeper information on how listeners are interacting with station’s playlist.
Voting Sessions
Listeners choose which songs to play next! The PD sets the voting options. Listeners vote. Then LDR automatically plays the winning song in your automation system.
Social Reach
Listeners create social conversations around your station’s brand and playlist. LDR1 offers powerful social features for engaging listeners, artists, and radio brands in real time social conversations.
For every 1 share from LDR1 to Facebook or Twitter, your station website sees an average of 4 clicks back!
Mobile Ready
LDR1 integrates easily into your station’s website and existing mobile app with simple embed code.
Ready-To-Use Content
LDR1 automatically integrates content on artist pages such as song clips, featured tweets, and related news from TopicPulse. Ready-to-use Content extends user engagement and fuels social traffic.
Digital Revenue
LDR1 features unique digital sponsorship assets: Display, Audio, Direct Messaging, and Social. Futuri’s one-of-a-kind sales support team helps your sales team to maximize station revenue against LDR1.
New Music
LDR1 automatically “stars” new adds to your playlist, showcasing your currents. PD’s set rules for highlighting new songs.
Local Music
Local artists can upload their own songs. Once the PD approves the upload, everyone can listen to the local music on demand and vote.
DJ Callback
Users can enter their phone number to be sent to the station, and the station presenter can call them back on the air.
This feature has been heavily used for contesting by a select group of LDR1 clients, and its new prominence will make it easier to utilize.
This and other LDR1 features can be toggled on/off based on the preferences of the PD.

Choose Your Type of Voting Sessions

With Takeover, listeners move songs up/down in a live playlist queue, share and dedicate songs to Facebook friends, and receive personalized Instant AlertsTM (e-mail / text / tweet) when their favorite songs are about to play. All of the song choices are governed by separation rules determined be the PD!

Advertisers are partnering with the power of the Futuri platform nationwide!

Futuri provides unprecedented sales support to all clients; when you use LDR1, Takeover, Futuri Mobile, or Futuri Streaming, we provide sales strategy and training services to your station at no additional cost. These are just some of the advertisers who have bought into the power of the Futuri platform on our partners stations!

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